We had the pleasure to work with Denis on our extensive home remodel. Early in the construction process it was apparent that by working with Denis not only did we have a master craftsman that takes pride in his work, we gained a project manager with excellent design skills, drawing from his vast experience in construction. Also, his interpersonal skills and knowledge helped my spouse and I navigate through the many decisions, opinions and budgetary concerns that a home remodel involves. We cannot be more satisfied with the end result.
Mario & Jennifer L.
Fairfield, CT

Having undertaken a full home renovation, one of the most important decisions I made was that of my contractor. Denis is very reliable and very competent. The quality of work is excellent. Importantly Denis was an innovative problem solver and very easy to work with. If I have the opportunity, I would not hesitate to use him again.
Paul & Sharon A.
Fairfield, CT

Denis is the finest builder I have ever worked with. He is 100% honest and trustworthy. His practical and design knowledge is profound and always to be seriously considered. We were thrilled with his craftsmanship of our kitchen, downstairs renovation, and siding. He has been working on my house continuously since September 2008. I would be happy to discuss his work at any time.
Peter S.
Milford, CT

Built-Rite Remodeling has done an outstanding job on two projects in my house. The first was the custom kitchen, which Denis meticulously assembled and installed on site. Quite a large and complicated job! The second was a custom entertainment center, which Denis designed, constructed, and installed. Denis' expertise, attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship produces an incredibly beautiful work product. My husband and I are more than delighted to provide outstanding recommendations for Built-Rite Remodeling.
Robert & Robbi F.
Westport, CT